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                S&B SPORTS SHOW Policies 



Online Autograph Payments-  Everyone who purchases an autograph online from is required to bring their paypal receipt with them on the day of the signing. Failure to do so may result is the refusal of your autograph ticket.


Dress Code- Get into the habit of wearing a collared shirt and NO jeans at all of the mall shows. The malls seems to be cracking down on this rule lately. Besides, it does look alot more professional and could only help your business.



Absolutely NO handwritten signs at the mall shows. Use a label maker or a computer. The malls are getting very strict regarding this rule and your display will look much better. If you need help with this, ask Mike.



Table Location-  If you have a preference in table location, ask Mike before the show. We will do our best to accomodate you. Sometimes it may be a little tougher than you think to give everyone their preferred table location due to space limitations. Once your name has been placed on a table, that is your location for that show. So that there is no confusion, If a dealer has a “regular” location at a show, and cannot attend that show for any other reason than an emergency or vacation, the dealers “regular” location may be someone else’s new “regular” location.


Packing Up- Packing up early is a violation of the contract. The promoters have signed a contract with the mall and in that contract it states that everyone must be manning their tables during all mall hours. Therefore, the promoters have to enforce that rule and it is not fair to the customers that attend the show near closing hours. There are always exceptions to this rule such as in an emergency. If you must leave early for any reason, the promoter MUST BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE. We don’t want to lose the mall because someone is not doing well or wants to watch football at home. All it takes is one big sale at the end of the day to make the weekend a success. You’ll never know unless you are there!!.


Contracts- Please read & follow ALL the rules and regulations on the contracts given out to you. The malls are becoming much more strict and will be enforcing them. Please do not put Mike in a position to take action.


Shelving and 6 ft.

You may have 1 shelve behind your 8 ft. table and please do not go higher than 6 ft. as mike signs a contract with the mall as the height requirement.


Thank you for you consideration
Michael Leon

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