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Our Story

S&B Sports Collectibles began as a passion project for Mike, who started his journey in 1988 as a collector of sports memorabilia. At first, he would sell Sports cards and collectibles at local card show circuits in the Tri-state area, and in 1995, he started promoting his own shows. His shows were a hit, and to this day, they continue to draw in sports fans and collectors from all over.


In 1990, Mike opened his first store in Philadelphia. It was a small store, but it was a start. Over time, the store grew, and S&B Sports Collectibles became a household name among sports fans and collectors. The name S&B came from Mike's two sons, Stefan and Ben. They were a big part of the business, and they would help their dad every weekend at the shows and during the holiday season.


It is a family business, and Mike's wife, Flo, would come in to help when needed. The family worked hard to build S&B Sports Collectibles into what it is today.


In 2001, S&B Sports Collectibles expanded, opening a new store in the Berkshire Mall. The new store was bigger and better than the first, with more items for sports collectors to choose from. It quickly became a favorite destination for collectors in the area.


In 2017, S&B Sports Collectibles opened another location in Montgomery Mall. The new store was even bigger than the Berkshire location, and it had even more sports cards, memorabilia, and novelties  for collectors to enjoy.


In early 2020, Stefan and  Mike's  oldest son, became a full-time member of the family business. Stefan grew up in the industry, and he was determined to continue the family tradition of providing sports collectors with the rarest and most unique items available. With Stefan's fresh ideas and innovative approach, S&B Sports Collectibles has continued to grow and thrive.


Today, S&B Sports Collectibles is one of the most well-known and respected sports card and memorabilia stores in the Tri-state area. It's a testament to Mike's passion for collecting, his family's dedication to the business, and the hard work of everyone who has helped build S&B Sports Collectibles into what it is today.

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